1st English blog

     Tis is the 1st blog I use English to write..
     Long time din update my blog lo.. Some frens ask me y duwan to update my blog.. Cause my chinese star is spoiled.. Nw downloading a new one but the progress is slow.. It almost finish download actually, but stil remain 0.1%.. and the 0.1% dun hv any progress totally within these few days.. I reli pissed off bout dat..
     I din come here for bout a month dy.. Quite long time.. And within tis month oso hv many things happen.. I dy got back all my exam paper, few subjects got some improvement but most of the subjects retarded terrible.. Especially my english, drastically regress.. Hw bout my SPM? I started to worry bout it.. Average mark in semester 2 drop 2 marks.. 2 marks is not a small matter, especially for average marks.. Although I still maintain the 1st place in class, but I dy feel I’m in a vy dangerous condition.. Anyway, regardless of those subjects dat facing retardation, I still have some improvement in several subjects.. And my chinese and PJK got the highest marks in whole form4.. It is happy matter for me, at least not a miserable things to happen.. Nw i stand a great chance in getting 1st place in form4, although it stil hvnt be sure yet..
     Besides that, another things dat made me so glad is my idol, Kimi Raikkonen, a Finnish F1 driver won his 1st world championship! He enter F1 for 7 years dy, I always looking forward to him.. Since he get the 1st grand prix champion in Malaysia (Sepang) in year 2003, I was bcum his fans.. He is an adorable driver, he always giv surprise results in F1, although lack of luck, he din win the world champion b4, an honored title for every F1 drivers.. Tis year, he did it! By a miracle, he get the Grand prix champion in Brazil grand prix and surpass Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso with juz a mark! 1 mark! Wat a miracle!!! Year 2007, a fantastic year for Kimi Raikkonen, and of coz, for me too.
     Lately I found an animation named "Strawberry Panic!" OMG!!! I reli have a crush on tis anime!!! More detail of tis anime, later write la.. Nw reli vy sleepy dy..
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2 Responses to 1st English blog

  1. Enoll says:


  2. Jewel Ling says:

    My dear sis oso come n c my blog.. Happy ya.. very sorry din reply ur mail lately..

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