Little Tree

     Yesterday i went Little Tree (Xiao Shu) in Prima Setapak wif Wei Li, Ying Yi, Hui Sze n Whye Yen.. I thnk lately i reli go those place more frequent than b4.. I rather worry bout my self-control ler.. Duno y lately like to go eat wif my frens.. My money oso bcum fewer nw.. I thnk somewhat related to tis gua.. But nvm la.. It is dy year end lo.. After the new year begins i wont be so freedom de la.. I wil GAMBATEH for my SPM..
     Prima Setapak is reli a precious place for me.. Many restaurants there.. Although i thnk most of the students oso wil be bored of dat place.. We went there since the finished skol, and arrived at there at 1.35pm sth.. Whye Yen din follow us (she came from her hse).. There r 2 Little Tree in Prima Setapak, the Little Tree we went is in front of Lok Lok King.. Environment there quite gud.. We were keep talking n talking non stop, quite happy n enjoy.. When whye yen came, we stil chat n chat nonstop, n keep laughing like SOPO.. then our food came one by one.. I hv ordered Cheese toast, half-boiled egg n ribena (half-boiled egg n ribena is my necessary food XD).. Quite delicious.. Wei li is the one who ordered earliest, but her food came the latest hahaha XD.. Food there quite nice.. And we wan to go VT yoyo ice to EAT ICE, but finally we juz go there for snack oni.. We ordered French fries n Golden Chicken Nuggets.. Then we oso talk there like sopo lo.. We talk about our class dis year (all is 4S5’s ppl there).. We talk bout the classmates in our class.. We feel dat some of our classmates r too cold.. We cant be fun n enjoy as 4S2 n 4S3.. Anyway, i stil anticipate hw wil my class be next year.. Stil like dat cold? Or bcum more fren wif each other? who knows?
     Aha.. Duno next time can go where to eat leh? Kang Cheng, Ming Cha Xuan, Little Tree, Old Town, VT yoyo Ice, Mian dui mian, Spice n chill i dy tried b4.. Quite nice.. but stil hv many restaurants i stil hvnt try.. Hope i stil hv chance to go there lo.. coz there stil left few days for form4.. and form5 early year it is impossible for me to be so free in going to those places.. Aiyz.. Watever.. Enjoy the life nw 1st.. A free life wif somewhat lazy n lackadaisical..
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