Majlis Tamat Pengajian (form5 n upper6)

     Today i go skol for nth, except to giv skol magazine to some vy important person, but finally it did not follow my way.. We were unable to find Pn chek n din get the skol magazine in her room.. Then i duno i go skol for wat.. haihz..
     We juz at the activity centre, sat there for almost 5 periods.. Damn boring ok? Actually y ask us to c them graduate? Not related to us totally.. We juz c them to receive their certificate, c them clap n shrek out loudly.. I juz clap for my frens (pai seh :P).. Then I thought got some performance de.. But vy disappointed.. din hv any show or performance.. At least oso got some dance or watever la.. Graduate leh.. Juz got pancaragam oni.. Every year oso got pancaragam oni.. But pancaragam is quite admirable.. Since form 1 I feel pancaragam is reli adorable team.. When they r playing their music instrument, they r so enchanting.. Anyway, gambateh to our skol’s pancaragam.. Same to those graduated.. Wish them get gud result in SPM n STPM.. And hv a brilliant future after leave tis skol..
     Tml is my turn to get prize dy.. haha got some excited.. the 1st time i get no.1 in form4 (science stream).. OMG! 1 time is more than enuf.. My wish since form 1 is dy come true! Besides dat i oso get BC n PJK highest.. Satisfied for my result tis year.. And congratz to my frens who get prize.. Ying yi get pelajar teladan.. I thnk she is an amazing student.. She hv been get no.1 in form2, ketua tingkatan teladan in form3 and dis year, she get pelajar teladan.. congratz.. Yun lian oso get the highest in moral.. Hui peng get no.2 in form4 (economy stream).. Fong yean get no.3 in form4 (science stream).. Chee Cheow get Bio, EST highest.. Congratz to them.. OMG actually most of my frens oso vy well in exam result..
     Form4’s life is going to finish.. It juz left 2months sth to start a new form5’s life.. Most of my frens whose dy attend tuition classes, dy start the syllabus of form5.. And I stil stuck here n unwilling to step forward.. Kinda lazy lately.. Nw stil cannot get out from the charming of the anime.. Strawberry panic lo.. haihz.. duno hw leh.. Damn hv a crush on it.. I hope dat i can get out of it b4 december.. If not i might face the problem dat cannot concentrate on study.. But actually tis anime got somewhat improve my English actually.. The subtitle.. And the introduction of it in Wikipedia.. I thnk i found a way to improve my languages.. XD
     Goodness, when wil my Chinese Star be cured? I stil more prefer write blog in Chinese than in English la.. Haihz..
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