Came back from Rachado Bay Camp for almost a week already,
but I didn’t update my blog recently…
Maybe is laziness la, but actually is not much free time for me to write blog also..
Somemore my brother nid to use computer to do project or assignment sth,
So… Today I really hv the mood to update my blog,
but unfortunately my brother just change the windows version and….
he din install the Chinese typing software yet..
WTH is dat… I really scold out cuz without Chinese typing software I can’t do many things..
Sometimes I also feel like wan to beat him lo..
Bcoz I juz came back from National Service,
long time din touch computer dy la,
then let me use for longer will die meh..
Just update to let u all noe I’m fine..
Although straight As’ dream is destroyed….
nvm la.. haha.. 10A 1B is dy a gud result..
And I’ll update my National Service experience in d upcoming blog..
A bittersweet memory, memorable experience there..
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